Guitar Service Package

We are offer a Service package for Guitars. These can be purchased with any Guitar bought from us. Or can be purchased for any Guitar after an initial Service or Set-up. This product is a great way to keep your beloved guitar in the best playable condition giving you the best playing experience. 


There are 4 Option available. 


The Standard 1 year gets you 1 x Set-up (Normally £35) including Strings. 

The Standard 2 year will get you 1 x Set up (Normally £35) in Year 1 and a Full Service (Normally £55) in Year 2 Strings included



The Premium 1 Year will give you 1x Full Service (Normally £55) including Strings

The Premium 2 year will give you and addition full service including strings in year 2. 


For a set-up, we check the action and intonation, and adjust as needed via the neck and saddles and replace strings. 

A full service is a set-up plus, we check the frets, electrics (if applicable), Clean and condition the fretboard, all over clean. Check and tighten any loose components such as nuts and screws. 





Terms & Conditions

Packages are available upon purchase of a guitar from SoundHouse Gloucester LTD and are valid from the date of purchase of the instrument and is only valid for the instrument purchased and is non-transferrable. The package can be bought separately and is only valid for 1 instrument and is non-transferrable.

Strings used in the service are Rotosound nickel for electric guitars, Rotosound Jumbo King for acoustic guitars and Rotosound RB Series for Bass Guitars. Other strings can be requested for an additional surcharge.  

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