Tanglewood Winterleaf Exotic TW4E-VC-Koa Venetian Cutaway Electro Acoustic

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Don't get tangled up with inferior guitars. The Tanglewood Winterleaf Exotic Grand Auditorium Electro Acoustic will show you just how good it feels to play a real, high quality guitar. With an array of high grade components enhancing its performance, it'll truly bring a smile to your face. From quality, balanced koa tonewood to the world class Fishman Presys preamp system - it's got it all. Whether you're strumming, picking, or plucking, you'll know that the sound coming from this instrument will always shine.

Top tonewood

Koa is magic. Boasting the plenty of warmth combined with bite and snap, this wood has a perfectly balanced resonance which brings out every detail in your notes. Your songs will have a bold voicing as a result, and one which sings with vibrance. The soundboard projects your music with plenty of volume, helped along by the large, resonant Grand Auditorium body shape. You'll be able to bring out your inner creativity with such incredible tone at your fingertips.

Fishman finesse

Brimming with energy. The Fishman Presys preamp system lets you take your acoustic tone and make it a whole lot louder through an amp. With bass, middle, and treble controls, it allows you to shape your sound to get it just the way you want. And there's a handy built-in tuner which lets you tune up in an instant, wherever you are. When you plug your guitar in, you'll get the same crisp, bold, and, crucially, natural tone that you would when playing unplugged. This is what makes the Fishman Presys such a powerful and effective tool, especially when playing live. Take your sound to the next level.

Pure playability

For the modern player. This guitar is a true pleasure hold. It has a sublime mahogany neck which lets you move around the fretboard smoothly. The cutaway body shape allows you to reach the higher frets with ease - you can access every note. And the eboncore fretboard adds some tonal brightness to your sound, balancing out the warmth of the mahogany neck. You'll find that your fingers feel totally at home on these pristine, well-crafted tools, and that you can express yourself on the Winterleaf Exotic Grand Auditorium freely.



  • Top: Solid Top
  • Back: Koa
  • Sides: Koa
  • Finish: Tobacco Burst Gloss

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Fingerboard: Eboncore
  • Neck: Mahogany

Hardware and Electronics

  • Electronics: Fishman Presys
  • Bridge: Techwood


  • Strings: Elixir Nanoweb 12-53