Pbuzz plastic instrument - red

More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone – pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime

Designed for early learners

Research shows youngsters who have early exposure to musical instruments develop areas of the brain that relate to social, language and reasoning skills, as well as memory Source: http://www.nafme.org/20-important-benefits-of-music-in-our-schools/

Made in Britain

From the British makers of the award-winning and best-selling pBone, mini pBone and pTrumpet, the brightly-coloured, lightweight pBuzz is a fun, easy introduction into brass playing

Mini Musicians’

The brightly coloured pBuzz has been specially designed for mini musicians’ little hands - making it easy and fun to hit the right note every time!

Perfect For All Ages

Perfect for all ages the light and smooth curved edged pBuzz makes a great first purchase for mini musicians

Long-lasting for a lifetime of musical fun

Mum and dad will love our patented hard-wearing, plastic design

Hygienic Bio-cote mouthpiece

The pBuzz mouthpiece is made with BioCote, a market leading antimicrobial technology for ultimate protection against microbes, such as bacteria and mould.

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