Nexi Blues Ultra Starter pedal board with custom bag

A Powered pedalboard carrying all the amazing analog Click & Play featured guitar effect pedals you need play the Blues.

The Nexi pedla board is a fantastic option for the gigging guitarist. The entire board is splashproof, we have all had pints and drinks spilt over our equipment when performing!

It also removes all the extra daisy chain power cables by having in-built power supplies that the pedals plug into directly! There are also ConNEXI adapters so you can use your exisating pedals with it too!

Blues Ultra Starter contains:
- Solution 8 slot Pedalboard (including Power Supply, Tuner and Booster)
- The analog NEXI Overdrive, Delay, Dutch Screamer and Tremolo
- NEXI special design Soft Case Carry Bag

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