Flattley Wah Pedal w/ Light Plate

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Flattley Wah is a multi functional wah pedal, it has two inductors fitted inside. The first being a halo inductor and the second being a yellow fasel. The inductors can be separately selected by a rotary switch and the third position faces both inductors in series to give you a unique combination sound. The range switch on the Flattley Wah gives the option to change the voicing's, giving a variety of distinctly different sounds. These vocing's make the Flattley Wah suitable for use with a Bass guitar. Also this pedal has rotary 'gain control' and 'Q control' rotary potentiometers. This pedal also has a buffer bypass switch fitted to avoid tone sucking. This pedal offers the custom fitting of inductors in the second position, allowing you to select your preference of inductors. A unique pedal deserves a unique finish and ours is no exception.