Aulos 303 Descant Recorder (Blue Bag)

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The Aulos brand has become synonymous with the school recorder and rightly so. The instruments are well designed, priced and have become justifiably popular. The 303N Elite model is their best value instrument, especially when you consider our quantity discounts which make purchasing for the classroom even less of a burden on school budgets.

The 303N Elite is a three piece instrument produced in quality brown ABS resin. For Aulos, consistency is paramount and tuning on these instruments is spot on, every time - this, of course, is particularly important for group playing in the classroom. The adjustable thumb rest makes it easy to hold as does the light-weight design of the instrument.

This model has a bright and clear tone and is free blowing and easy to play - perfect for the young beginner. The soprano or descant recorder (two names for the same instrument) has a range from C above middle C to the D two octaves above - more experienced players can get higher still!

This instrument comes complete with a blue corduroy bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod which is all you need to get started!