Aulos 205 Descant Recorder (Yellow Bag)

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The Aulos 205A descant recorder is certainly one of our most popular instruments. It is sold in huge numbers to schools, colleges and students of all ages - it is the classic school recorder with a number of design features which make it reliable, consistent and above all excellent value for money.

The instrument comes in three pieces which are easy to put together and it comes complete in its own yellow corduroy material bag. Aulos have patented what they call their 'cavity wall' design - this makes each recorder not only light, which is especially advantageous for younger players, but also strong. The instrument has a double sleeve head-joint which means that the top part of the recorder cannot work loose so no air leaks from the instrument which results in consistent tuning - particularly important for group or classroom playing. It has an adjustable thumb rest which makes it easy find a comfortable playing position. The instrument also benefits from a curved windway which means it is less likely to produce those shrill notes often associated with an overblown recorder.

The recorder has a range from the C above middle C to the D two octaves above, with more experienced players able to produce higher notes still.