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Brand: Marshall
Price: £79.00

Marshall EH-1 Echohead Strereo Delay £79.00

The EH-1’s dual outputs offer the choice of using a passive bypass for the main signal path to ensure complete tonal integrity or to allow your pedal to spill over, permitting your echo to naturally die away.


The Marshall EH-1 pedal boasts a multi-mode selector switch, feedback control, level control, delay time control (up to 2000ms), so you can get that precise delay effect you need.

From crystal-clear echoes to hypnotic reverse delays via the vintage whir of a retro tape machine, the Echohead recreates six different delay effects for you to explore. Create pulsing tones from your guitar rig and add dense rhythmic textures to your sound. The EH-1 features a maximum delay time of 2000ms, stereo outputs and a tap tempo delay input.

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