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Brand: Marshall
Price: £389

Marshall DSL-5c Country & Blues LTD Edition £389

Marshall Amplifiers Gloucester

One of the best selling Marshall valve amps is now available for a very limited time with a textured Country and Western covering and Basket Weave fret. The Marshall DSL5CCW really stands out and would look fantastic sitting in any living room or studio.

This little 5 watt guitar amp combo is packed with excellent features and brilliant tones. The Marshall DSL5C includes three ECC83 pre-amp valves and one ECC99 power amp valve. The amplifier can be switched from five down to one watt. The lower wattage makes the DSL more usable for the home. The five watt setting is there if you need the extra power. Ideal for the studio or even small gigs. The semi open backed design lets you see the Celestion Ten 30 speaker. It has been housed neatly inside the amplifier cabinet enclosure. It is is 10 inches, 30 watts and 8 ohm impedance. The controls of this guitar amp are found on the front panel. Classic gold panelling has been used for this. Controls are interesting on this little combo. You have a choice of either Classic Gain volume and Ultra Gain Volume. The more you crank the Classic Gain channel the more it will start to break up. More in a vintage style that is. Clicking over to the Ultra Gain you also have a gain control. It does what it says on the tin really. Gives you buckets of gain at your disposal! The tone can be shaped effectively with the EQ section as well. Sculpt your guitar tones using bass, middle, treble, deep and toneshift controls. It makes for a pretty versatile guitar amp.

The Marshall DSL5C is made by the World’s biggest manufacturer of guitar amps. They know a thing or two about squeezing the best tone from your electric guitar. This 5 watt combo has character in abundance. Excellent, usable cleans, classic Marshall overdrive as well as more modern high gain. The DSL will cut right through the mix with ease at well. This is in fact what Marshall Amps do very well. As well as blistering rock tones Marshall have included an effects loop. A great feature to have in a guitar amp like this. Perfect if you like to use effects such as a reverb pedal or a delay. They can start to get pretty messy going through the front of an amplifier with lots of distortion.

The Marshall DSL5CCW is a great sounding, versatile guitar amp combo. Perfect for the home, recording or even small gigs. Marshall have also included a single button footswitch to change channels.

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