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Brand: Mapex
Price: £179

Mapex ‘Daisy Cutter’ Snare Drum £179

The Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum was designed with volume right at the forefront. This snare drum has enough punch to rattle a room with ease. Strike this hard and you will be heard for miles around. Thr Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum would be equally at home with a massive military band as it would a hardcore metal band and everything inbetween that requires that extra power.

Hammer on

The 1mm dark, steel shell of the Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum is hammered. This not only gives it the powerful and unique tone that you will hear, but also gives it a delicious look that would be a flattering addition to any kit or percussive setup.

Advanced tuning system

No matter what your playing level is, we all have the task of tuning our kit to get our preferred sound. The Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum has a trick up its sleeve here too. Mapex’s impressive SONIClear bearing edge enables skins to sit perfectly flat and give you a head start on your tuning. What this means for the player is less time tuning and more time playing.

The Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum brings precision and power like never before to snare drums in this price range. Not only does it sound deadly but it also looks amazing too. If you need complete, commanding power, then the Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare Drum is an ideal choice.


Manufacturer Mapex
Model Tomahawk
14″ x 6.5″
Weight 0.7kg
Drum Type Snare
Shell Material Hammered Steel

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