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Brand: Elkhart
Price: £199

Elkhart Student Eb Alto Trombone £199.00

This Student alto trombone is a fantastic instrument for any beginner looking to start playing the instrument. Its great build quality and appealing price make the Elkhart alto trombone a fantastic value for money instrument that will be suitable for schools.

Cupronikel Slides

The cupronickel slide and bell body are used to extend the lifetime of the instrument and to prevent corrosion to the instrument. This is particularly important on the slide where any damage can restrict its playability.
Perfect for Beginners and Competitive Price

The Elkhart 100TBA is the perfect instrument to begin learning a brass instrument, particularly for those with shorter arms that would struggle with a tenor trombone. Its easy playability and accurate intonation make it an ideal instrument without a huge price tag. The slide layout make The Elkhart 100TB Trombone a free instrument to play with minimal effort and resistance needed to get a range of volumes. The trombone is also light meaning that the weight used at the tuning slide is also light in order to create a balanced feeling instrument. The great price of this instrument also makes it an ideal choice for the occasional alto trombone player where repertoire for the Eb trombone is few and far between.
Included Accessories

Included with the Elkhart 100TB Trombone is a lightweight case with shoulder straps, making transportation of the instrument to rehearsals and concerts very easy. the instrument also includes an Elkhart mouthpiece which is specifically designed for this range of Trombones.

Body Material: Yellow Brass
Finish: Clear Lacquer Finish
Bell Size: (6 1/2″)
Bore Size: 1.31cm (0.51″)
Key: Eb

Included Accessories
Case: Lightweight Moulded Case with shoulder strap
Mouthpiece: Elkhart Trombone Mouthpiece

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