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Caring for your Acoustic Guitar – Soundhouse Music Shop Gloucester

Whatever the make of your acoustic guitar, be it a Martin, Yamaha, Tanglewood, Lag, Freshman or Fender some basic care will keep it tip top.

Guitars are made of thin wood which is easily affected by temperature and humidity. If your guitar is exposed to high temperatures/humidity glue joints could weaken. Avoid rapid changed. Don’t place your guitar next to a source of heat or on an outside wall in winter. The ideal is to store your guitar in a hard case when not in use.

Use a preparatory polish such as fender or kyser. After use wipe the strings and neck down with “fast fret”.

For adjustments to action, truss rods, frets and set ups have the guitar regularly serviced (approx 6 monthly depending on use).

We offer a speedy turn around on servicing please ring for details.

Customers travel to us from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cotswold’s, Oxford, Worcester, Hereford, etc to have their guitars professionally maintained.

We use only top quality parts and strings by Martin, Fender, D’addario, Rotosound and Ernie Ball.

We service all makes/types of guitar. We are main dealers for Martin, Yamaha, Fender, ESP/LTD, Tanglewood, Gretsch, Ibanez, Freshman and many others.

See you soon, Soundhouse Music Shop Gloucester.

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